February Playlist – Hot Picks of the Month

I compiled a playlist of all the tracks that I’ve been listening to this month. For me, February has been a 100% metal month. I got over those January blues, and now I’m just regular depressed… All jokes aside though, this compilation is shit hot I promise. Check it out below!!


Feed The Machine – Nickelback | Single Review + Tour + Album news..!

Ohhh man…

I… can’t hate it. It’s catchy and I may be just a little bit excited at the prospect of a brand new album.

Hear me out, Nickelback were the heaviest band I listened to when I was 13. And now that I’m old, listening to this band is a combination of nostalgia and self loathing/longing to be 13 again. I’m not sure what it is I like about this song, and this band in general. I think it may be because this is ultimate easy listening for a metal/rock music fan. The music is not complicated, the harmonies are nice and work well together, the recording quality is seriously decent (if we ignore the reverb on the snare DAMN), and well, at least we’re not listening to Little Mix…

I’ve added Feed The Machine to my playlist, it sits amongst metal giants such as Lamb of God, Rings of Saturn and Linkin Park… And do you know what, it fucking belongs there. I genuinely like this new song and I’m looking forward to hearing what else they’ll come up with for the new album.

Oh and did I mention, Nickelback are going on tour! …In America and Canada. I almost bought a ticket for their Glasgow show in October and I hate myself for not getting it. I wonder if they’ll shove them on the Download lineup just for a laugh, I’d go.

Listen to their new single here:

Or don’t… Whatever.