Min Vän Klamydia – Skitarg | Single Review and Album news!

It’s been an age since Skitarg have released anything, and due to the language barrier, I had no idea that they were planning to release anything until one day this gem appeared on my Spotify recommendations. And with that came an announcement, we’re getting a new Skitarg album on March 1st!!

Well, what can I say. The title literally translates as My Friend, Chlamydia… Nothing out of the ordinary for this band, however definitely a hilarious and gross title to any non expecting music listener. And honestly, the song is just as gross and hilarious as the title suggests…

These mental cases over in Sweden have released what I can only describe as a power metal/pop ballad. I would give my right testicle to find out what the lyrics are for this song as I can imagine as it adds to the hilarity. The song consists of some token Skitarg songwriting styles, based on the Swedish black metal genre, but also contains the cheesiest, most power metal parts ever. And a whopping 4 key changes! Half of this song is the filthy, weird and good shit I’m used to hearing from Skitarg, and the other half is a dry heave worthy parody. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not slagging off this song at all. It’s one of those ones, you have to get it. If you don’t get that it’s ironic then it ends up just sounding shit, you’ve got to appreciate the humour (half of which is lost in translation…)

If you’re still not getting the humour part of it, here’s a list of some of their other song titles translated (using google) into English:

Jag Vill Ha Stryk – I Want Ironing
Bussfärd till helvetet – Bus Trip to Hell
Sportabort – Sports Abortion
Steka barn – Frying children
Jag Bryter Nacken Av Din Häst – I break the neck of your horse
Kuk Lukt Klan – Cock Odour Clan

Behind the humour, it is very clear that this band are a very talented bunch of weirdos. And it’s safe to say that I can see huge potential for Skitarg. In fact, recently they were featured in Sweden’s Viral 50 playlist on Spotify. I hope to see this new album open up a gateway to a possible global career, as I have yet to hear of them setting foot outside Sweden. Who knows, maybe if I bat my eyelashes and put on my clown make up maybe they’ll come and put on a show for us over here… I can only dream…

Check out the track on Spotify here!

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