MADAFAKA, Lawrence O’Brien Band & Deadly Inscription | Gig Review | 06/01/17

On the first Friday of 2017 I headed to Nice n Sleazy’s to see MADAFAKA’s headline show for their new release, a Cool Runnings themed track called “The Blade and the Ice.”

Joining them was 5 piece metal band Deadly Inscription and the eclectic 3 piece, The Lawrence O’Brien Band. The night started off with Deadly Inscription, a band I can only describe as filthy, mental and brilliant. Their Sleazy’s show followed the recent release of the lyric video for Tower of Silence, produced by Scott Kennedy of Bleed from Within, which I’ve linked below. Their latest EP, A Testament to Sin was released last year and features tracks about human taxidermy and other gross stuff. The vocalist had the crowd going, chanting about Indy Ref and all sorts. Deadly Inscription put on a great performance, the guitars were heavy and it was blast beats for days… I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys come out with next and I’m currently adding all of their songs on to my Spotify Playlist..!

The next act on was The Lawrence O’Brien Band. It’s hard to sum these guys up a short review like this, but after seeing them a few times now I’ve never seen anything like it. One could compare them to the likes of System of a Down, but with more funk and ska influences. Some songs have titles such as The Burdenless Life of a Cat  and Toothpaste on her Chin. The comedic lyrics work in their favour of course, with everyone laughing along. However behind the quirky lyrics is a brilliantly talented collection of musicians. The music was creative, fun and sophisticated and it seemed to come naturally to all three of the band members.

And then there was MADAFAKA! Who provided an exciting headline performance, showcasing their Cool Runnings inspired track by donning Jamaican coloured morphs suits. They didn’t last long though, the band quickly undressed down to their (spiderman) pants. The music was a rollercoaster of emotions for me, with exciting verses and lyrics, alongside filthy breakdowns and mad guitar solos. It was evident why the room was filled that night as this band are a force to be reckoned with. Definitely ones to watch in 2017.



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